Summer Solstice Ritual 2022

by posted on juin 19, 2022
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Self-written liturgy for ADF style ritual. Use however and wherever you please, even to critique.

Initiating the Rite

I stand here in this ritual space, before an altar consecrated to my Kindred, as those before me have done many centuries ago. It is with this act, and this rite, that I seek to honor those beings who have aided me and those before me. May this act of honor encourage their continued involvement in my life.


Purification (by salt water)

By the salt of the sea
Must disruption in me
CBe banished with its purity
And may distraction flee


Honoring Brighid (milk)

Blessed Brighid, foster-mother of fire, I call to you before all others, as it is you who I view as my guide and mentor, and it is to you and your purposes that I devote my life. Exalted friend, I honor you and express my gratitude for the growth you’ve fostered in me by your example and the hope you instill in me by your presence. I welcome you here, to be respected and praised, and to aid me in the respect and praise of the other beings here. Please accept my offering, and know you are always welcome wherever I am. 


Honoring the Earth Mother (touch ground, butter and honey)

To the mothers of the earth; from you are our bodies born, from you do we draw our sustenance, and to your embrace does our bodies return. I honor you in recognition of this fact, and the fact that your example has inspired the concept of motherhood since time immemorial. Mothers of the earth, I ask that you accept this offering and know that it is given with a heart of praise. 


Statement of Purpose

Tonight’s rite is in honor of Midsummer, the longest day, the time when the earth is most enveloped in the glorious illumination of the sun. The sun imbues all life with energy, and this is most evident upon the solstice. Yet this time also marks the beginning of the steady decline in light towards darkness, as daylight only decreases after it. May our hearts bloom and find nourishment in the enrichment of the rays of solar purity, and may we honor those beings who aided us in reaching this point in the Wheel of the Year once again, that they may help us get through the approaching harvest and the darkness that follows it.

Recreating the Cosmos (ending with lighting of ritual fire)

I speak now the names of the realms which comprise all realms.
Upon the earth I stand. May this tree ever find support and enrichment from it.
Around me is the bountiful sea. May it always offer the soothing wisdom of the ancient depths and quench the thirst within.
Above me is the expansive sky. May we reach towards its freedom and light, and grow above the concerns that seek to stunt our growth.

At the center of it all, the sacred fire burns with life and energy, itself a nemeton and gate to the divine.

Opening the Gates (applesauce or apple)

Manannan Mac Lir, god of the sea; liminal being who finds footing as easily upon land as upon the sea, and therefore move freely between realms, I pray for your aid in opening a channel through the Otherworlds, and conveying my wishes to the beings called here. Please accept my offering and aid me with this rite, that my words and offerings may be heard by all beings here gathered. 

(After offering, open hands and say) May the gates be opened!

Inviting the Kindred and Key Offerings

Shining Ones (liquor)

Gods and goddess, Shining Ones of realms outside and intersecting with our own, you who are not bound by our realm’s natural laws, you who are over all things, please be with me now so that I may honor you. Gods and Goddesses, I welcome you. Please accept my offering.

Ancestors (meal or bread)

Ancestors, sacred dead, I seek to honor you on this day. You who lived in the times before us, who laid down the way on which we travel, who established traditions that guide humanity, whose blood flows red within us, whose examples have inspired us: a gift for you, a small one in return for the great ones you have given us. Even the greatest, life itself, is your gift to us. A gift, then, from the living to the dead. Ancestors, I welcome you. Please accept my offering.

Nature Spirits (herbs, fruit, etc.)

Nature Spirits, seelie wights, I honor you on this day. Beings permeating the realm of the land, existing within the rocks and trees and nature itself, I recognize the nourishment you foster and the kinship we share with you. Indeed, we ourselves are dependent on the abundance of nature, and possess spirits not unlike those of other natural beings. Therefore, roam free, and aid us in preserving you and your realm. May we live alongside you in peace and with respect. I welcome you. Please accept my offering. 

Prayer of Sacrifice

I stand before you, oh Kindreds, with a heart of tribute and a desire to reinforce the bonds we share. With this intent, may my words and intent reach you, and may you accept these offerings as tokens of my devotion!


Blessed Kindred, I pray your wisdom and signs by way of Ogham. Reveal that which must be known, as an omen of things to come. Guide my hand, that I may select the proper signs three.


Calling for the Blessings

Kindred, I have come before you to honor and praise you. In return, let your blessings fill this cup so that I might receive them. Shining Ones, Nature Spirits, Ancestors! Pour forth your blessings! Let this cup be filled with your enlightenment. Pour forth your blessings! Let your wisdom and your will manifest in this cup. Pour forth your blessings!

Hallowing the Blessing

In the name of the Three Kindred, I will partake of blessings of the Waters of Life. 

Workings? (Detail Here)

Thanking the Beings

Nature Spirits, your presence here was welcome, but now I pray you pursue your blessed freedom once again, and may your ability to do so be protected. Depart at will.
Honored dead, I am thankful your presence in this ritual and for the bounty you have provided mankind, but I wish to disturb your rest no longer. Depart at will.
Shining ones, you presence is always welcome and sought, and I am grateful for your aid at this rite. Stay if you will, go if you must.

Closing the Gates

Manannan Mac Lir, I am grateful for your aid in bridging the gap between realms. I ask once again that you exercise your liminal abilities to close the gates. Manannan mac Lir, may the gates be closed.

Thanking the Earth Mothers

Earth Mothers, we depend upon you for all. All that is from you that have not been consumed by the ritual fire, I return to you now. I thank you for your presence at this rite and in my life. Thank you, Earth Mothers.

Thanking Brighid

Blessed Brighid, Bright Brigantia, I am thankful for your presence at this rite and in my life. Know that if you wish to depart from this place, my devotion to you is unchanged, and you are welcome to stay or return at will. Exalted one, I thank you. 

Closing the Rite

As those before me have done, I have honored the three Kindreds. As I close this rite, I ask that they guide me and impart to me their blessings as I embark upon the roads I am destined to walk. This rite is concluded.

by posted on juin 19, 2022 | Related: High Day Rituals, Summer Solstice, Irish Culture
Citation: Michael Shull, "Summer Solstice Ritual 2022", Ár nDraíocht Féin, juin 19, 2022,

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