Stone Creed Grove Imbolc Rite

posted on July 17, 2021
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1: Procession – as usual

2: Opening Prayers – as usual

3: Awen Invocation – as usual

4: Outdwellers – as usual

5: Statement of Precedent –

As our ancestors once did, so we do today, and so our children will do in the future. We are here to pay homage to the Brigid, Lady of fire and to Dagda, the all father, to the Gods, dead and the sidhe and to the rising light of the year. Now is the time of stirring when the earth begins to soften and the waters to flow. While frost still bites and winds blow, and the light is growing stronger, and life begins to wake. This is the feast of Brigid, the Goddess of Fire and Water. She is the year’s midwife who births the sun. Also we make offering to Dagda, the lord of perfect knowledge. Through the union of fire and water, the ancients, our forebearers, worked magic to call in the spring. So let us join together as one folk to make our offerings in joy and reverence.

6: Grove Attunement – as usual

7: Vertical Axis – as usual

8: Opening the Gates – as usual

9: Kindred Offerings – as usual

10: Key Offerings –

Imbolg is the time of the hearth fire, and the thawing and stirring of earth’s watres. First we will offer to the red god, the hungry God, the best of the Gods, Dagda

Dagda most honored
To you we make sacrifice
To Eochaid the All Father
You, the Fire Beneath the Cauldron
Hear us, Old Giant, God with the Great Staff
Ruad Rofessa, Lord of Perfect Knowledge
Fire of the Sacrifice, Great in Appetite
To you we do honor, Excellent God
Mate of the great queen
Fergus the mare’s son
Chieftain of Danu, bountiful giver
Flame in the belly that sustains life,
Flame in the eye that comprehends life
Be in us as we are in you
Boiled in the cauldron
Upon the sacred fire
O harper of the seasons, taker of sacrifiice
Druid of Oak and Hazel
Dagda Mor-Great good God
Accept our sacrifice

Porridge ladeled into offering bowl

Sound three knells

Invocation of Brigid

Behold the lightener of the stars
Brigid of the mantels
She comes on the crest of waves
With harpers of the sidhe praising her
Arising in splendour
From the mighty one below
Brigid of the auguries
Song and the voices of the Bards for her
Brigid of the waters
Brigid of the kindling
Brigid thou source of joy and life
Healers and artisans honor your spirit
Brigid, woman of wisdom
Thou mid-wife of sweet wisdom
Of bright beauty shining like stars
Joy were it to those who behold you
O Brigid the skillful
O Brigid of the triple spirit
O Brigid who comes in light and shadow
Thrice blessed be your flaming path.

O triple one, Lady of fire and water, Goddess of poets, healers and smiths, we give you the gift of welcome. Come into our temple and bless our rite.

Door to the hall open and a maiden carries in the Brideog, once around the center as a Hymn to Brigid is sung Brideog is placed in the bed and bannock offering is made surround with 9 candles. Wand is placed by her side. Offerings: bannocks, milk, beer

Praise Offerings

11: Prayer of Sacrifice – as usual (oil,milk,bannock offered)

12: Omen – as usual

13: The Blessing Cup – as usual

Final Blessings:


Brigid of the mantles, Brigid of the hearth fire,
Brigid of the twining hair, Brigid of the auguries
Brigid of the fair face, Brigid of the calmness
Brigid of the strong hands, Brigid of the kine
Brigid, friend of women, Brigid fire of magic
Brigid the foster mother, Brigid woman of wisdom.
Brigid the daughter of Danu, Brigid the triple flame.
Each day and each night I call the descent of Brigid.
That the power of healing be within us,
That the power of poetry be within us,
That the power of shaping be within us,
In earth, sea and sky and among all kindreds.
Kindle your flame in our heads, hearts and loins,
Make us your cup, your harp, your forge,
That we may heal, inspire and transform,
All in your honor, Brigid font of blessing.
Brigid above us, Brigid below us, Brigid at every airt about us.
Brigid in our truest heart.

Receiving the fire

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posted on July 17, 2021 | Related: Imbolc, Irish Culture, Brighid, Brigid
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