Outline of a Full ADF Rite for a Solitary

by MissyAshton posted on July 8, 2021
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Prepare ritual space to include a representative of each the fire, the well and the tree, three additional candles for each of the Kindred, a cup of water, a bowl for offerings, the offerings themselves (such as incense and steel cut oats), divination tool and matches/lighter. You may also include an offering to the Outdwellers during purification. Some feel that since their home shrines are already hallowed, there is no need to offer to the Outdwellers there. This is up to you. Also, many of these items can be permanent fixtures on your shrine.

Initiating the Rite

Ring bell or simply state: “I have come to honor the Gods.”


“As I prepare to come before the Kindred, I set aside those parts of myself that distract me from the task at hand. I push away all thoughts of mundane life that would creep into my mind.”

Perform Nine Breaths to cleanse and prepare to establish sacred center. Concentrate on blowing out the negativity that may be pent up inside you.

Honoring the Earth Mother

“Earth Mother, I honor you. I thank you for the continued blessing of life that you give to us all. Without you, life would not be possible. I thank you. Earth Mother, accept my offering.”

Offer steel cut oats, or some other prepared grain.

Statement of Purpose

“As I stand firmly upon the Mother Earth, I give praise and offerings to the Kindred in the ways of those who have gone before me.”

State seasonal material as appropriate and any other workings you will be doing during this rite such as oaths or prayer requests.

(Re)Creating the Cosmos

Sing the “Portal Song” as you add silver to the well, light your fire and focus your energy into the tree. Two Powers Meditation or other grounding and centering exercise Conjuring of the Mists/Calling of the Gatekeeper

Opening the Gates

Say a few lines about why you have chosen this Deity as a Gatekeeper. Invoke your gatekeeper. Make offering. Concentrate your energy and mime the gate opening with your hands as you feel the gates slide away and bring you into the presence of the gods.

“The gates are now open!”

Inviting/Offering to the Three Kindred

“Kindred! A Child of Earth calls to you! I call forth the Ancestors, those who have gone before, the Spirits of the Mighty Dead to join me here. You, who have been where I am, passed into the beyond, and hold now the secrets of life and death. Ancestors of blood and spirit, I call to you. Ancestors, accept my offering!”

Light the Ancestor’s candle as you speak and end with your offering.

“I call to the Nature Spirits, you who dwell in the middle realms, coexisting with the human race. Spirits of place, I call to you. Spirits of fur and feather, fin and scale, and skin, come to me now! Spirits who hold the sacred knowledge of the world around us, hear me! Nature Spirits, accept my offering!”

Light the Nature Spirits’ candle as you speak and end with your offering.

“I invite the Shining Ones, the Gods and Goddesses who live in the upper realms. You who are beyond time and space, who have the ability to see all and advise in all things. I praise you for your knowledge and wisdom. Join me now. Shining Ones, accept my offering!”

Light the Shining Ones’ candle as you speak and end with your offering.

“Welcome, Kindred to this place, and thank you for the gift of your presence.”

Key Offerings

Invite Patrons/Deities you wish to work with today. Make offerings to them and give appropriate praise.

Prayer of Sacrifice

“I thank you for hearing my words! I have freely given of my hands and of my heart. May you accept the gifts I place at your feet in humble praise with joy and happiness. Bless-ed Kindred! Accept my Offerings!”

Give final offering with gusto.


Using the divination tool of your choice, take the omens.

“Kindred, do you accept my offerings today?”

Draw, if yes, thank them. If no, offer more.

“What are the blessings you offer in return?

Draw a second time.

“What are the further needs the Kindred have of me today?”

Draw a third time. Take a moment to internalize the omens. Also, think about what these omens mean in terms of what you have planned for the day.

“I thank you for this information”

Record Omens.

Calling for the Blessings/Waters of Life

“Kindred, I have given freely to you from my hands, my heart and my spirit. In return, I ask that you send forth your blessings into my cup that I may receive them.

“Shining Ones, Nature Spirits, Ancestors! Pour forth your blessings!

“Allow me to drink of the Cup of Inspiration. Kindred! Pour forth your blessings!

“Impart me with the wisdom of ages past and the vision of the future. Kindred! Pour forth your blessings!”

Slowly lift your cup as you invoke the blessings of the Kindred, with the cup at full arms reach above you as you pronounce “pour forth your blessings” the third time. Hold for a moment and feel the energy flow into the cup.

Hallowing the Blessing

With Arms still stretched before you, pronounce:

“This cup now holds the waters of life! I drink this in the name of the Kindred.”

Drink the contents of the cup.

Affirming the Blessing

“May these waters I have received flow through my body and through my spirit, and may they pour out into the rest of my life.”


This is the time to perform any magical working, ask for assistance with a problem or take an oath.

Thanking the Beings

First, thank the deities of occasion or patrons you invited.

“Ancestors, I thank you for knowledge you have shared with me.
Nature Spirits, I thank you for your continued assistance in this realm.
Shining Ones, I thank you for the blessings and wisdom you have imparted to me.”

Closing the Gates

“[Gatekeeper], I thank you. I ask you to join your magic with mine once more. Help me to make the well but water, the fire but a flame, and the tree but wood.”

Close the gates with your hands.

“The gates are now closed.”

Thanking the Earth Mother

“Earth Mother, you are my greatest support. Sustainer of Life, I would be nothing without you. All that remains unused will be given to you. I thank you.”

Closing the Rite

“As those before me have done, I have honored the gods. As I close this rite, I remind myself that the gods go with me in my heart that I may walk with wisdom, power, peace and inspiration. The Rite is ended.”

Snuff flames, or if small, extinguish all candles in one dramatic breath.

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by MissyAshton posted on July 8, 2021 | Related: Home Shrine Rituals, Solitary Rituals
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