Lunar Hearthkeepers Rite

by posted on abril 24, 2022
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This is a Norse/Germanic lunar hearth keeper’s ritual that is adapted from the meal rite in the HKW

Hearth Keeper’s Monthly Ritual

Preparation: a candle (or fire symbol: LED candle, picture, red stone, etc); offerings and a bowl; cup of water/drink; divination set. 

Initiating the Rite / Two Powers Meditation [Hearth Keeper Essential]

My hearth is a tree in the Grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin. As my spine straightens, my roots entwine with the trees in the grove and my branches provide shade for this Hearth. The fire within me is also a star in the sky of ADF’s spirit. 

The Hearth and Allies [Hearth Keeper Essential]

[Light hearth candle.]

Born in the waters, kindled on the land,

With a pillar of smoke that supports the heavens,

This fire burns at the Center of All.

Earth Mother

Earth Mother, you who are nearest to us; you who are shrouded in beauty; we praise you for your blessings and bounty. May we ever seek to bless you in return. 

Accept this offering, Earth Mother, and be welcome at this hearth. 


Purpose/Precedent [Hearth Keeper Essential]

As the moon in its cycle is timeless, so do I gather again to honor the allies of my home and hearth, so that I may be in harmony with the Grove of ADF and deepen my relationships with the spirits. I come now under the light of the New Moon, beginning a new month of connection and fellowship with the spirits, other Hearths, and the Grove of ADF. As my Ancestors did before, so I do now, so may those after me do in the future.

Recreating the Cosmos and Sacred Center

The waters support and surround me.

The land extends about me. 

The sky stretches out above me.

At the center burns a living flame.

Opening the Gates 

At the center of the cosmos, I call to the Gatekeeper to help me transmute my gifts and transmit my words across the realms. 

Accept this offering, Gatekeeper, and be welcome at this hearth. 


Sacred Keepers of the Flame,

Take these words and deeds above,

Aid me as I pray. 

[Light altar candle from hearth candle.]

Flame at the Center of All,

Be a path opening to the lands of the Holy Ones. 

May my prayers enter you,

And be there transformed:

Breath into spirit, 

Offerings to spirit. 

[Ceisiwr Serith, adapted]

Inviting & Offering to the Kindreds 

I welcome the Kindreds to my home:

Ancestors of blood and heart and bone;

Nature Spirits, with whom I share this world;

And Shining Ones, wise and mighty. 

Kindreds, accept my offering and be welcome at this hearth. 


Key Offerings [Hearth Keeper Essential]

I call now to the Allies of my hearth and home. May we continue in a relationship of *ghosti and hospitality. 

Allies, be welcome here and accept this offering. 


I call to Frigg, Goddess of the home and hearth. I ask your aid in guiding me for another month and overseeing the work of this hearth.

Frigg, be welcome here and accept this offering. 


Asking for Blessings Through an Omen 

[Take omen to gain wisdom.]

Blessing the Waters of Life 

[Hold the vessel containing what will be the waters.]

Kindreds, I have given offerings and asked for your guidance through an omen. I now ask you to pour forth your blessings in these waters, so I may drink of your gifts.

[Pause and envision the blessings entering the waters.]

Behold, the Waters of Life! 

Monthly Working: Blessing the Hearth and its Keepers [Hearth Keeper Essential]

With wisdom gained, I share these blessings with you and with each other. I drink these blessings and welcome my relationship with the Allies of my hearth. 


Now I will join with the other Hearth Keepers of ADF in reaffirming our oath:

“I am a Hearth Keeper of ADF. For as long as my path aligns with this work, I will welcome the gods and spirits into my home and my heart. I will keep the holy days of Our Druidry. I will live a pagan life.”

The hearth fire burns brightly here on the altar. Its flame is reflected in all the flames of the Hearth Keepers of ADF.

Restoration of the Ordinary

To the Allies of our Hearth, including Frigg, for joining me here in this rite, I thank you. 

To the Kindreds, for joining me here in this rite, I thank you. 

To the Gatekeeper, for joining me here in this rite, I thank you. May this flame at the Center of All become a simple fire once more.

To the Earth Mother, for joining me here in this rite, I thank you. 

Having reconnected the Distaff and Oak Hearth to the Grove of ADF, and having gained wisdom for this hearth, this rite is now ended. 

by posted on abril 24, 2022 | Related: Devotional Rituals, Hearthkeepers Rituals, Solitary Rituals, Videos of Rituals, Norse Culture
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