Imbolc Ritual 2017

posted on Juli 17, 2021
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Submitted for the 2017 Liturgist Guild Yearbook.  Written by Columbia Grove

Call to ritual


Ancestors! (tap staff) Nature Spirits!

Shining Ones!

Welcome kindred three, we shall meet after the gates have been opened.

Welcoming the Public to the Rite


Children of the Earth! Welcome to Columbia Grove’s Imbolc Ritual. We are here to honor the gods of old as one community united in worship and devotion. Let us begin by calling our warrior The Morrigan

Calling on a Protector


Morrigan, Phantom Queen, Battle Goddess, Terrible Fury…

Your name conjures images of death and fear in even the most steadfast warrior. Your reputation brings nightmarish chills even in daylight.

We ask you respectfully to turn that fury against those who wish harm on this rite. Morrigan, we beseech you to be our warrior, harbinger of Death,

We offer you this Whiskey, Morrigan, Accept our offering.

Appeasing the Outdwellers


The Outdwellers represent internal and external powers neither good nor bad that are

counter-productive to our rite. Now is the time to set aside cynicism, doubt, and pettiness.We ask that you avert your eyes as we make offerings to the Outdwellers. We don’t want to form a close relationship with them.


Spirits of this place and afar, those of you who do not uphold our ways or would seek to do us harm or mischief. We acknowledge the differences between us and you and ask that you neither hinder nor prevent us from honoring the Kindreds and receiving their blessings. Here…..have a Beer!



Children of the Earth, you may now enter the sacred Grove

*We approach the Sacred Grove*

Purification of the Folk and Grove


Now it is time to purify ourselves of all imperfections, this allows us to present ourselves to the Kindreds as pure beings.

David and Alice

By the might of the water and the light of the fire This grove is made whole and holy

Opening Statement and Precedence


We belong to the gods and the gods belong to us, so let us pray with a good fire. Let us offer with a full heart, knowing that when we do, we nurture our connection to them and support the very gods themselves. In remembrance, we strengthen their powers. In honor, we balance the worlds. In love, we bring peace and keep the Old Ways alive and present

We gather here today to honor Brigid, Goddess of Divine Inspiration, Triple Goddess of Smithcraft, Poetry and healing. Goddess of fertility, women and children. We honor the warmth of her fire as the earth begins to stir with the first signs of springtime.

Earth Mother/Goddess of Sovereignty


We honor the Earth Mother today in her form as Danu. We will also honor our Goddess of Sovereignty Columbia! Please kneel down and touch the Earth while we invite both!


Oh Great Mother Danu,

Mother of the Tuatha de Danaan, Danu, Anu, Dana, Don,

Your name echoes in the traditions of many. Ancient, primal force of the land and sea,

You rule over the flowing rivers and flowering fields. We come in reverence, seeking to walk gently,

To live with honor for your children, The nature spirits and the Sidhe.

Teach us your wisdom and your ways, That we may live in abundance,

Yet share freely and in gratitude.

Great Mother, with you we shall never hunger, With you we shall never thirst.

We give you our thanks and blessing, Come join us, as we honor you here.


Columbia, with song we invoke and honor you:

Columbia Song


Earth Mother Danu and Radiant Goddess Columbia we offer you flowers and/or flower seeds and/or acorns! Join us and accept our offering!

Two Powers Meditation


Now let us connect ourselves to the three Realms


Two Powers Meditation Here.

Hallowing the Portals


Before we can honor the kindreds and our beloved Brigid we must create a sacred space to stand between the worlds…Let us now sanctify these objects as portals to the other worlds

*Arin sanctifies the Hallows*

Bards: By Fire and by Water

Opening of the Gates


Together we have hallowed these sacred portals and here we stand at the gates of creation. The mists of creation are forming around us. NOW is the time we call upon our Gatekeeper Manannan Mac Lir


(Begin the Manannan slowly)

Shapeshifter, Mist Lord, Sidhe King! Ah Manannan Mac Lir!

We ask that you join us here and accept this whiskey

Now Manannan Mac Lir, Join your magic with ours.

Let the well open as a gate to the Ancestors Let the fire open as a gate to the Shining Ones.

And let the Tree be a connector to both the worlds.

Manannan Mac Lir we ask that you help us part the mists, And open the gates!

(chant “Open the Gates”)

Let the Gates be Open!

Offering to the Powers


The mists have been parted and the gates swung wide opened. We now stand in-between the worlds. A place where we can communicate with the Kindreds and Our beloved lady Brigid, Now is the time for us to invite, offer and honor the three Kindreds. Who here calls to the Ancestors?


To our Ancestors,

We who remember, call to you!

To the ancient tribes whose legacy flows in our veins,

To the elder wise ones of ancient days who guide the people, To those ancient ones whose bones lie in this land,

Mighty Ancestors! Join us, and accept our offering of whiskey! (offering of whiskey)

Bards: Mothers and Fathers of Old


Children of the Earth…close your eyes… take a moment to invite your Ancestors to commune with you, for they are very close. Feel them, their blood pounds in your veins, their flesh is your flesh, their echoes whisper within your soul. Feel them as they impart their wisdom upon you.

Ancestors, we welcome you!

Who here calls out to the Nature Spirits?


Deer Ones of claw, hoof, fin and wing We call to you: air, earth and water.

Hear us as we reach out to you,

Nature spirits that we hold so deer,

Join us here and accept our offering of Apple! [offering of Apple]

Bards: Fur and Feather


Children of the Earth, close your eyes and take just a moment to commune with the Nature Spirits and the Sidh. Feel them scamper about, or watch from hollows within the Earth and caverns beneath the sea. They are here, the mysterious Sidh, the little folk of earth, sea, sky and home. Let them lend to you their voice, for they have much to say if only you will take the time to listen.

Nature spirits, we welcome you!

Who calls out to the Gods and Goddesses?


O Shining Ones,

We ask that you join us here today and share your light and wisdom with us. Bring us closer to the sacred and bless us with your sweet potential.

Shining Ones join us here and accept our offering of Beer! [offering of Beer]

Bards: Hail all the Gods


Children of the Earth, close your eyes and take just a moment to be with the Shining Ones, Gods and Goddess. Feel their Love, feel their strength, feel their joy as they join us here this day…

Shining Ones, We welcome you!

Deity of the Occasion


Let us now invite our deity of the occasion, Brigid to join us here.


Lady Brigid, we sit among each other awaiting your divine presence. We call to the daughter of the Daghda.

a woman of arts and endless fire of inspiration.

Join us here today as we celebrate your ritual today.

Now close your eyes:

Imagine, see.

In front of you is a maiden, she walks softly in a gown white as milk. Where she steps the ground thaws and flower shoots spring up.

You feel her fire deep within you, and also around you, for her flame warms the earth and all those upon it.

Beside her is an anvil, this is where she crafts weapons that know no match Her hands are the hands of a healer, soft, but full of wisdom and experience. Her voice is clear as crystal, her inspiration touches us all.

Brigid is among us….

Bards: Brigid song


Lady Brigid, Join us, and accept our offering of song and goat’s milk.

Praise Offerings


Let us now make personal offerings to our Goddess of the Rite, Lady Brigid. This is also a time to make offerings to your own personal Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Gods/Goddess.

(Hold wreath, and instruct how to use this while making offerings to each portal.)

Bards: Lady Brigid of the Bards *on repeat*

Prayer of Sacrifice


Our actions thus far have led up to this moment. We have made offerings to the kindreds and Lady Brigid. We now offer the Prayer of sacrifice, the last of our own offerings before we receive the blessings in return.

O Noble, Ancient and Shining Ones! Offerings we made to You!

Offerings have we made through the Well, Fire and Tree! Kindreds! All this we give to You in the name of Hospitality. May our Piety increase Your magic!

May our Courage increase Your Power!

And may our Fertile Spirits show the world Your abundance! Mighty Kindreds, accept our sacrifices!

Main Working


Now for the main working of our ritual. Imbolc, like the New Year, is about letting go of the things that are holding us back, to make room to move forward. Things like *provide example*. Whatever it is that is holding you back, right now…now is the time to let it go. Line up and tell Brigid what negative thing or things you’re letting go of…let her take it from you. When you tell her what you’re letting go, she will give you a candle which is a part of her blessing to you. Then move on here, to the well. Here is a basket of stones. Pick a stone that calls to you, make a wish for the new year, and drop it in the well. After that, ring the anvil to cement your wish, and return to your seat. After everyone is done, Brigid will tell you what to do with your candle.

If you’re not comfortable coming up, you won’t be left out. Brigid’s blessing is for everyone, and we’ll make sure you get a candle.

People line up to tell what they are getting rid of. Pick up a candle to light and take that flame home with them.

Station one: Brigid, people tell her the crap their letting go, she gives them the candle/blessings.

Station two: The well, with a basket of stones, they take a stone, make a wish on it and drop it in the well. They strike the anvil, they sit down with their unlit candles.

After this is done, we have them light the candles, passing the flame from candle to candle.


*Cups come out right before the omen* Arin

We have given of our love and our wishes to Lady Brigid.

We made offerings to the Kindreds, so that they may know our devotion. Now let our voices arise on the Fire

Let our voices sound in the Well

Let our words pass through the Tree. May we open to the Kindreds,

Asking what blessings they offer us in return And the needs they have of us.


Seer takes omen

Call for Blessings


Prepare yourself to receive the final blessings from the Kindreds. Please hold up your empty cup. visualize the blessings that each of you desire and need from Brigid, Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Shining ones. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. And when we ask for the Waters of Life, when

we say, „Give us the Waters of Life“, see the blessing you desire descend into your empty cup like a mist, filling the cup. And when we drink of the Waters, you will receive your blessing. So close your eyes and take a moment to visualize your needs, and the needs of our community, that we may all receive the blessings we desire

We pray you honor us in turn For a gift calls for a gift.

Hear your children:

Kindreds, give us the Waters! Kindreds, give us the Waters! And thrice, your children ask:

Kindreds, give us the Waters of Life!

Do you accept these waters blessed by the kindreds? Then you shall have them.

Bards: Blessings in the Waters

Thanking the Powers


We have made offerings and honored our beloved Goddess Brigid. We have called upon the mighty Kindreds this day. Now is the time to thank them before they leave.


To Brigid, Goddess of the flame within all things…We thank you!


Who thanks the Gods and Goddesses?

Shining Ones, for lighting our ways, we thank you.


Who thanks the Nature Spirits?

Nature Spirits, for your joy and pleasure, we thank you.

Arin: who thanks the Ancestors?

Ancestors, for guiding our paths, we thank you.


Morrigan, we thank you

Closing the Gates


Let us now call upon Mananananan one last time and offer our thanks while he helps us close the gates to the realms of the kindreds


(Start Chanting “Close the Gates”)

Manananan, for holding the gates open for us….we thank you!

Now, Let the Well be but a cauldron Let the Fire be but a Flame

Let the Tree be but a Piece of wood Manananan let the gates be closed!

Thanking the Earth Mother And Columbia


Danu, great mother you who sustains us always….we thank you Columbia, goddess of this land….we thank you

Closing the Rite


We end as we began.

We Belong to the Gods, and the Gods belong to Us As our Ancestors once did,

as we have done today,

so that our children may do so in the future

We have welcomed the budding spring as one community of warmth and love. We have been inspired by Brighid’s fire and felt her arms around us.



more (ad hoc…. add)

*Sing Walk with wisdom*

The Rite is now Ended!

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