Proto-Indo-European Weekly Devotional Schedule

by Ceisiwr Serith posted on July 17, 2021
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Submitted for the 2017 Liturgist Guild Yearbook. Written by David Fickett-Wilbar (Ceisiwr Serith) and Converted from PDF by Victoria S

These are prayers to be added to daily devotions. They form a cycle that goes through the major Proto-Indo-European deities over the course of two weeks. I tried to associate each day with a deity that can be seen as a reflex of the one from which it draws its name. The moon god Mḗnōts is assigned here to Monday, for example.

Week 1:

Sunday: Xáusōs

Xáusōs, as I begin my day
I praise you, goddess of beginnings.
Bring light into my life
as you bring it into this day, as it is your way to do.

Monday: Mḗ nōts

Mḗnōs, may these words, carefully chosen and well-said,
be the beginning of today’s well-ordered thoughts. Measurer, it is in your power to help me with this, and so it is to you that I turn my mind.

Tuesday: Dyḗ us Ptḗ r

This morning I praise the shining sky, Dyḗus Ptḗr, ruler of gods and men.
Lord of the Xártus, the way of all, keep me on the right path.
Guide my footsteps;
protect me from doing the wrong.

Wednesday: Diwós Sunú

Sons of the Sky,
on your white horses ride into my life today,
or in your golden ship come over the waves of chaos that would overwhelm me.
Saviors of Men, Diwós Sunú, be my rescuers today from all difficulties I might encounter.

Thursday: Perkwū́nos

Perkwū́nos who brings the storm,
protect me from the storms which beset me. May this day’s prayer to you be a gift, evoking in return your own gift of protection.

Friday: Gwouwindā

Giver of cows, I pray to you this morning, I approach you with devotion,
I offer it to you.
Bring happiness and prosperity into my life today and in days to come,
lovely Gwouwindā.

Saturday: Yemós

Yemós, from whom the cosmos is made, and therefore is the beginning of me, keep me for now from my own end.
Lord of that other world, protect me in this one.

Week 2:

Sunday: Westyā

In you, Westyā, all find a home.
By your holy aid may I find a home in today’s world, a place of comfort and aid,
and return my thoughts to you tonight.

Monday: Dhéǵhōm Mā́ tr

Ground beneath me,
and ground of everything,
that form from which they are formed:
“Of the earth” is what we are called, and rightly so.
As your child I turn to you:
Bless me as I go forth across your far-extending fields.

Tuesday: Xáryomēn

God of our people, and of our ways, keep peace within our society,
and with those as well who dwell without,
and may all I encounter today be friendly to me, as I will be friendly with them.
This is my prayer today, Blessed Xáryomēn.

Wednesday: Ɂéḱwonā

Goddess of Horses, of unmatched power, force of life that sustains and continues: send me what I can handle today
as I send you these words.

Thursday: Xápōm Népōts

Xápōm Népōts, enlivener,
fill me with the flaming water which you control, but only if I deserve it.
If not, mold me in the sacred way, so that, purified and prepared,
I may receive your blessings.

Friday: Donu

Donu, who quickens the flesh of all that lives,
who refreshes them when they are at the end of their resources, provide me today with what I will need to accomplish my aims effectively and with beauty
through the strength of your limitless flowing.

Saturday: Páxusōn

You go before all who travel, Páxusōn: go before me today.
You protect all who come under your care, Páxusōn: protect me today.
Protector of men and possessions, guide to those who make their way: be my protector today.

by Ceisiwr Serith posted on July 17, 2021 | Related: Proto-Indo-European Culture
Citation: Ceisiwr Serith, "Proto-Indo-European Weekly Devotional Schedule", Ár nDraíocht Féin, July 17, 2021,