Becoming a Member of ADF

Why Join ADF?

We provide fellowship, extensive training and support, public rites in many cities, resources for solitaries, and a hospitable reception.

As a member, you gain access to all of our communities, study programs, the Dedicants Path and membership in a large international community of people who study and practice Indo-European Polytheist Religion and magic. Our devotional experience based polytheism can be practiced with a grove, or alone wherever you live.

Compassionate Membership Renewal

We’d love to have you back, the things you love about ADF are made great because of your influence. Come help us create our own druidry. If you’ve avoided renewing or joining due to financial reasons, we’ve got you covered.

Existing ADF members with financial hardship may apply to be granted one year of a new or renewal ADF membership, with a limit of three consecutive years of such compassionate membership per member. Successive years after the first require documentation of a minimum of four hours pre-approved community service.

To apply for a compassionate membership renewal, contact the ADF Members Advocate ( detailing your hardship. The Members Advocate will present your application to the ADF Executive Committee for a vote, and will then notify you of the results.

These memberships are all funded by the Compassionate Membership Fund.

New Compassionate Memberships

If you’d like to join ADF but are unable to do so due to financial hardship, please check out the Hearth Keeper’s Way and reach out to the ADF Members Advocate ( with your request to join with a compassionate membership